deanna fletcher

Deanna Fletcher is a passionate individual who is committed to producing new, innovative and contemporary media.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Deanna moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, at the young age of 11. By the time she was just 13, she was involved in a pioneering radio venture in Copenhagen.

With no previous experience at the time, Deanna and a colleague began producing, engineering and broadcasting TD&Me, a programme for young people aged 12-18, under the auspices of UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) Denmark.

This bi-lingual programme in Danish and English was cultivated for both the local and international audience within Copenhagen. TD&Me was broadcast on Friday nights for two years, building a very committed youth audience. Deanna’s obvious enthusiasm for the programme and her natural flair for the medium helped to make TD&Me a real success.

This brought Deanna the opportunity to pioneer and manage a youth station New FM. During these very formative years, Deanna developed a passion for contemporary media which has resonated and grown with her over the last 10 years.

After spending nine years in mainland Europe, Deanna relocated to Stoke-on-Trent, England, to take up a post in production at the popular regional radio station Cross Rhythms. As part of this organisation, Deanna was involved in presenting and production on various projects. She was also involved in helping to promote the station among potential sponsors and enlisting new supporters.

Deanna continues to pursue innovative design and the production of new media projects, expanding the possibilities of radio and internet radio in particular. She is, for example, a key creative force behind Audacious Radio, a weekly FM radio and internet radio programme broadcast in association with Cross Rhythms, with a target audience of 16-25 year olds. It is linked with the highly successful Audacious concert event which draws more than 4000 young people in five cities across the UK.

Deanna is also seeking to push the boundaries of popular marketing.

Deanna is currently based in Sheffield, England.

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